The New iPad Might be Refreshed to Include Lightning Port

As the date draws nearer to the announcement of the rumored iPad Mini, fresh information came up to indicate that there might be a refresh on the new iPad (or iPad 3). The refresh might be just a change to the new Lightning Port.

Not sure if the above picture is real or tweaked. It is showing a standard iPad with lightning port. It makes no sense for Apple to do this if their intention is just to force people to get use to the lightning port. There are so many accessories using the 30-pins connectors and so many ways to get the 30-pins connector. But there is only 1 supplier (Apple itself) for the lightning cable. It will be depriving many people from using their previous 30-pins accessories.

Anyway, the event is just less 24 hours away (24th October 1 am Singapore time). Lets wait and see. Other than this, rumors are indicating that the iPad Mini might be for educational usage and therefore, iBook feature might be updated too. If all these are true, I guess the excitement prior to Apple product launch will be gone.