Watch Red Bull Stratos Felix Baumgartner Freefall with POV Camera (Video)

Over 8 million people watched Felix Baumgartner jump out of the capsule from the edge of space on YouTube. Now, the video showing his point of view (POV) on his chest camera is out. I really admire his courage.

I was one of the millions who had watched the event live. It is a nerd whacking moment when you hear his comms and also the live streaming showing him spinning at super fast speed.

Now, you can literally see him spinning down to Earth. Watch the video now.

If you want to watch the full 14 minutes of footage, click HERE. If you want to see the official version of the full recap, I have embedded it here.

For your information, he has broken a few records (Free falling breaking the sound barrier,  highest freefall, highest manned balloon flight).


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