Tim Cook Posted Message on Steve Jobs Death Anniversary

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, issued a message on Apple website on the day of Steve Jobs death anniversary. It has already been a year since Steve Jobs passed on. In the message, he mentioned the company will “carry his legacy into the future”.

To some people, Apple might be drifting away from the creativity that Steve Jobs has always had. The best example is the iPhone 5, in my opinion. Besides the slimmest, the higher end processor, there is no change to it. There is no “WOW” factor in the phone.

It is true that when Apple launched the first generation iPhone, it is not of the highest specs. In fact, it did not even have copy and paste function. However, Steve Jobs has created a new way to use the phone. It uses capacitive screen instead of resistive screen. That is a “WOW” factor. Rows of neat “ICONS” take over the screen. App and more apps come along and now the world cannot live without apps. That is another “WOW”.

It might be true to say that Apple’s standard has not drop but I think that the competitors are getting better and more innovative and creative in the products. I really hope that Apple continue to innovate and “surprise” us all the time.


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