This is the iPad Mini Mock Up (Video)

I know many people are still waiting for an Apple iPad Mini. There are rumors flying around that it is in the making. Now, this video shows a mock up of the iPad Mini. However, do not trust everything (or anything) you see.

Based on the mock up, it has the lightning port, a smaller screen size and it is small enough to fit in one (big) hand. Secretly, I wish this iPad Mini will not happen. It is going to spoil the way Apple works (or previously works). I remembered Steve Jobs mentioning that the 9.7-inch screen size is the best size for a tablet.

If this iPad Mini is going to happen, I could only imagine it going taller (or longer) for the same screen ratio as the current iPhone 5 (16:9). Nevertheless, if Apple is being pressured by competitors who had come up with smaller tablets like Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, GALAXY Tab, Nook HD and etc, I guess they might go for it.

Here is the video of the mock up.