It is Confirmed that iPhone 5 is Scratch-Prone (Video)

This is a follow up on my recent post on the scratch issue of iPhone 5. Finally, there is a video to “prove” that the latest iPhone 5 is scratch-prone. And also, a real screenshot of an email from Philip Schiller (from Apple) to a iPhone 5 user on the scratch issue.

iFixit has done a few simple tests to prove that iPhone 5 is prone to scratches from keys and ring. And they even get a 2 year old to have the honor to scratch it.

Sad to say (to all iPhone 5 users), it succumbs to the “tortures” quite easily. Here is the video.

And to make the matter worse, a screenshot of a letter from Philip Schiller has been circulating. In his short email to a new iPhone 5 user, he mentioned that the scratch is inevitable for any aluminum product.

I think everyone knows that scratching on aluminum surface will cause scratches. The main point is that iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 with its glass back do not have this issue (although it can crack from drop, sometimes).

Therefore, people start to complain because they are comparing a previous product against the latest one. The perception is that the latest will always be the better product (depending on which angle you are looking at).

Apple has actually “solved” the problem of the cracked glass from iPhone 4/4s by removing it and replacing it with an aluminum panel. There is even a test to prove it. However, I am sure that consumers will not be too happy to know that they will need a cover/casing to protect their thin iPhone 5.

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From the reports, I can only guess a few things: –

  • More sales of accessories (casing) from iPhone 5 users.
  • More people will apply the back protector although it may look uncool (due to the non-flat surface caused by the lettering and logo) as it will be more difficult to ensure a bubble-less surface.
  • More sales of white iPhone 5 as the scratches are less obvious.
  • “Dirtier” looking iPhone 5 in the near future as they get more scratches (especially the black) (Gmask might have more business)
  • iPhone 5 will still top the sales and it will still be the best iPhone ever.

So far, the iPhone 5 has been plagued with issues (based on consumers, not Apple): –

  • Poor Apple iOS 6 Maps
  • Scratch-prone
  • Purple haze (latest issue)

But I still think Apple did well in shrinking the internal of the iPhone 5. Fanboys will still support iPhone and anti-fanboys will still complain everything about it. Life goes on.