LTE on Apple iPhone 5 from Overseas May NOT Work Here

Previously, many people went to US or other countries to purchase the latest iPhone as Singapore is not in the first batch of countries to get it. Now, if you want to do it for iPhone 5, be careful as the iPhone LTE might not work here.

As you may already know, the LTE band in Singapore is 1800 MHz and 2600MHz. A lot of Android devices are conforming to this bandwidth when they released it in Singapore.

However, this will NOT be the case for iPhone 5. It will come in 3 variants (as of now) and each variant will have its own LTE bandwidth.

For example, Singapore will get iPhone 5 that is a GSM model with the model number A1429 (there is a same model with CDMA). It will support:

  • 2100MHz
  • 1800MHz
  • 850MHz

That means out of these 3 bandwidths, one will work here. According to Straits Times that I read today, some areas in Singapore will NOT be getting LTE (4G) speed as the LTE equipments are for 2600MHz bandwidth.

Luckily, this variant of LTE bandwidth has the most supported countries. Click on the link below to check.

Check out the LTE bandwidth for iPhone 5

And if you notice, there is NO mention of StarHub in that page. I have contacted StarHub and confirmed that they will be able to support iPhone 5 from 19th September as this is the date for their LTE rollout.

Check Out the StarHub LTE Announcement Here

Do note that StarHub is using ONLY 1800MHz for their LTE network and during the rollout, only a few areas are LTE friendly. Nationwide LTE network coverage is scheduled to be completed by 2013, according to StarHub.

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