How to Create Wireless Network in Hotel and Survive without Charger

If you have been traveling, you should know that hotels normally provide a single LAN point for Internet Access. With so many devices nowadays, it is definitely not enough. Here is a quick look at how I survive while overseas.

Basically, I do not bring device charger when I am overseas. Instead, I rely on my laptop to provide me the “juice” for my Smartphone and other devices.

As you can see above, I use Prolink 4G Wireless-N mobile router to “transform” a single LAN connection into a wireless network. Once connected, the rest of the devices can connect to this network for Internet access.

I use the Sanwa USB hub to provide the power to my devices. Although the Prolink Wireless-N router has internal battery, it is not enough for long usage. Therefore, I always charge it with the USB cable.

I access the Internet heavily. Therefore, the battery on my Samsung GALAXY Note is definitely not able to last the whole day. I have backup portable batteries to ensure that the smartphone has enough juice.

For example, my eGear battery allows me to move around freely when connected (although it has just 500mAh of battery power). If I am sitting down, I will use my SINOELE 10,000 mAh battery to charge. As it has a 2A and a 1A output, I am able to charge my iPad and phone without problem.

And if you notice, all my devices can be charged using Mini-USB or Micro-USB. I even have 2 multi-purpose adapters that has Mini-USB, Micro-USB and Apple 30-pins connector.

With them, I can easily charge or transfer data on my laptop. So, what is your setup? I am interested to know. Check out what you can buy at Comex 2012.

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