Samsung Teases a Windows 8 Device (Video)

As 26th October is drawing nearer, there are a lot more talks on Windows 8 devices.  Recently, Samsung has uploaded a video that shows bits and pieces of a device. On the description, it mentions a Windows 8-ready innovation.

The video is very short (37 secs) but it has a little bit of the device in it. Can you spot them?

First, in my first picture, it seems that the device is a laptop opening up. However, did you notice that there is a 3.5mm jack on top of it and some microphone (or other sensor) on it. If this is a laptop, these ports are in a very awkward position. So, my opinion is that this is a tablet with a docking keyboard.

Next picture is a keyboard. But I think it might be just a docking keyboard (like those on ASUS Transformer Pad)

Moving on, a picture shows something like a cover for a port. I think it is not as it will be too trivia to be shown on the video. So, my guess is that it is a Stylus pen (or S-Pen?).

Finally, the last picture shows a screen with the Samsung branding on it. It has quite a thick bezel for a laptop. So, again, my guess is that it is a tablet.

It makes sense that Samsung will be making tablet for Windows 8 as the OS is meant for touch screen operation. So, what you do think?


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