Deezer’s Music Service Arrives in Singapore

Deezer, a streaming music service, is here in Singapore. With more than 18 million tracks available, subscribers can listen to the music across all devices including iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, laptops, tablets and etc.

Actually, I received the PR yesterday. However, when I visit the site, it shows that the service is “soon be available in your country”. I made an inquiry to the PR but so far, I have not received any update.

Anyway, here is the Press Release

Music Streaming Arrives in Singapore with Launch of Deezer

Deezer launches in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines

Web-based streaming services deliver music everywhere, on any device

Singapore, 15 August 2012 – Leading global music subscription service Deezer is bringing unlimited music to Asia this week, launching in Singapore and Malaysia a few days after opening for business in Thailand.  Subsequent launches in Indonesia and the Philippines are expected to be announced within the coming weeks.

The arrival of Deezer in Singapore is set to change the way people listen to music.  With more than 18 million tracks available at the click of a button across all devices including iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, laptops, tablets and wireless Hi-Fi speakers, music will now be accessible to music fans in more ways than ever before.  In addition to multi-device accessibility and a large database of songs, Deezer also offers:

  • Premium editorial recommendations including top artist exclusives and live events
  • An intuitive music-management tool to build your library and playlists
  • Easy sharing of music on Facebook and Twitter
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Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer, said, “We are thrilled to launch Deezer in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia as part of our first foray into Asia.  There is a real passion for music here and we have no doubt that Deezer’s strong focus on local music and editorial recommendations will resonate with fans in each country.”

Singapore is one of Asia’s most advanced digital markets, with one of the most developed broadband infrastructures in the world.  According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Q3 2011, government policy aims to cover more than 90 per cent of households with high-speed broadband connections in the next two to five years.  Furthermore, per comScore Device Essentials, November 2011, 12 per cent of Internet traffic stems from devices other than computers, making Singapore the global leader in non-computer Internet traffic.

Per International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) 2012, digital music sales in 2011 accounted for more than one quarter (26 per cent) of Singapore’s total recorded music sales, with subscription services comprising a significant 42 per cent of digital sales.  Deezer’s web-based technology will make it easier for consumers to listen digitally to the music they love on any device on their choice, wherever they are.

A key recent challenge for music creators in Asia has been the growth of illegal download activity.  For bands, artists and labels alike, Deezer will become a powerful platform that will help artists get paid fairly for their creative work.

Shigga Shay, a Singaporean hip-hop artist, songwriter and producer, said, “Today, the most effective way to deliver music to the masses is through digital downloads and streaming…(This would) make it easier for music lovers to discover my work.  It may even help me to score a deal with a major label one day.”

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In Singapore, Deezer will be available as a standalone service.  In Malaysia and Thailand, consumers can access Deezer as a standalone service or through local telecommunications operators such as dtac – building on Deezer’s successful model of partnering with telecommunications networks such as Orange, T-Mobile and Belgacom in other parts of the world.

The launches in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand consolidate Deezer’s position as the one truly global subscription service with presence now in 91 territories worldwide.

About Deezer

Deezer is a market leader in music streaming worldwide with 23 million users across 88 territories, 1.5 million Deezer subscribers, more than 800,000 Facebook fans and 350,000 Twitter followers.  Deezer’s users can enjoy discovering new music every day, as well as unlimited streaming and downloads of a catalogue of 18 million tracks.  Deezer’s music services do not rely on software downloads and are available on PC/Mac, all smartphones and many connected devices.  In September 2011, Deezer announced a partnership with Facebook, an important international step that allowed Deezer to integrate its services into the world’s largest social network.  On 8 December 2011, Deezer began its worldwide roll out, except in Japan and the US.

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