Introducing Sanyo eneloop XX High Capacity Batteries and Black Charger

Thanks to Sanyo, I am able to get hold of the latest eneloop XX batteries to try out. You might have heard about eneloop batteries. But these eneloop XX high capacity batteries are for more high energy consumption gadgets like the external flash on DSLR.

Sanyo delivered the batteries in a black box with the interesting wordings outside the box. Some readers at Techielobang Facebook page were able to identify that the content is batteries. However no one guess that it is the eneloop XX batteries (one of them mentioned that it is eneloop batteries but did not realize that it is the eneloop XX batteries). And BTW, there is also a eneloop  jersey in it.

The packaging of the batteries is very simple.

It consists of the Black Charger (quick charge) and 4 x AA eneloop XX batteries (2500mAh)(Ni-MH).

This is the back of the charger. It comes with a 2-pin plug (Non detachable).

FYI. This charger is able to accommodate AA or AAA size batteries.

Here is how the XX battery looks like.

On the charger, there is a “Quick” indicator at each side of the charging ports. They are for quick charge. Place two batteries onto each of them, it will perform a double speed quick charge. If you place just one battery on either end, it will perform a triple speed quick charge.

Here is a table to show the charging time.

The charging indicator is a very nice blue light.

For those who are curious about the specs, see below table.

eneloop XX batteries

eneloop Black Charger

The eneloop batteries have a low self discharge rate. According to the information, it can still retain 75% of the charge after one year.

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Do you know why it is called XX?

Origin of the name ‘XX’

The fusion of the SANYO Nickel Metal Hydride battery’s cutting edge high capacity technology and low self-discharge property is the long awaited solution to the markets high power battery needs. The crossover between the high capacity and low self-discharge shown with an ‘X’ together with the emergence of a battery with previously unseen characteristics, shown with a further ‘X’ illustrates the birth of this product name.


The eneloop Black Charger is available at all Best Denki outlets, Meidi-Ya Supermarket, all Selffix D.I.Y store outlets, Sprint-Cass at Terminal 2 and 3, and selected outlets of Harvey Norman and Challenger at a recommended retail price of S$65.90.

I will be using it for a while before I can comment on its performance. So, stay tuned 🙂

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