Techielobang is now SG friendly

Ever since I started TechieLobang, I wanted it to have both the local and overseas presence. Today, I am happy to announce that TechieLobang has added a new address. I have bought Now, if you go to, you will be able to find the same content. This is my way of connecting locally with Singapore.

So, here is the added address: –

and today, I would like to introduce a new way that I am updating TechieLobang Facebook Page. In the past, I always share news on the Facebook Page based on my blog. I am changing it.

For the past few weeks, you might have noticed that TechieLobang Facebook Page is filled with other news all over the world. This will be the new direction. I will be channeling all technology (sometimes funny) updates to Facebook page (very) frequently. This will lighten my load on site and at the same time, I can share information at faster speed.

Click Here to TechieLobang Facebook Page

I am still fine-tuning the way to share. You might see some changes later. If you have some ideas to make this blog better, let me know too. Remember to subscribe to the mailing list (on the right) so that I can inform you on contest/updates via email. I promise I will not spam you 🙂 .


Joe Teh

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