Samsung Launches Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, NaviBot-S, in Singapore

Samsung today launches the robotic vacuum cleaner, NaviBot-S in Singapore. If you are looking for such vacuum cleaners. Do check them out. The SR8980 and SR8950 will be available in Singapore in end-August 2012 at S$1199 and S$999 respectively.


Samsung Launches the NaviBot-S in Singapore

Intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner offers pristine, hassle-free cleaning

SINGAPORE – 7 August, 2012 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced the launch of the NaviBot-S, a visionary robotic cleaning device that provides hands-free automated floor cleaning. The new NaviBot-S is the next generation of an already successful cleaning robot line-up, now featuring more advanced technologies.

The NaviBot-S takes the hassle out of household cleaning by empowering users to activate the cleaner with the simple touch of a button. For ease of use, the new NaviBot-S comes with a daily schedule function which allows consumers to time cleaning according to a pre-set schedule. In addition, the SR8980 also comes equipped with an Auto Dust Emptying function, to bring greater convenience. An upgraded Visionary Mapping™ Plus System further allows the device to plot its optimum cleaning path and its suite of advanced sensors such as infrared detection ensures it cleverly avoids obstacles along the way.

The NaviBot-S is only 8 centimeters in height and its functions assure faster, better and more efficient cleaning with minimal consumer involvement.

Visionary Mapping™ Plus System – Faster Cleaning

The Visionary Mapping™ Plus System, pioneered by Samsung, uses two CPU control chips, which serve as the ‘brain’ behind its intelligent navigation program. The system captures images at 15 frames per second with the onboard camera and will create a virtual map of the house, before plotting the optimum route to achieve total coverage and to avoid obstacles along the way. It has a cleaning speed at 320mm/sec.

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Unlike many other cleaning robots that use random path navigation, the cognitive mapping technology on the Navibot-S allows it to cover 90 percent of the living space in the same time that the older random path technology covers 67 percent.

Auto Dust Emptying

When the dust bin is full, the SR8980 returns automatically to its charge base for an automated removal of dust. The dust gets sucked into a central 2-liter dust chamber in the charge base and is accompanied by a brush-cleaning action applied to the main brush for hair removal. Auto Dust Emptying also allows the robot to operate independently for multiple days without the need for any human intervention.

Dust Sensor cleaning – Spot cleaning

The NaviBot-S can sense when it is collecting a larger than normal quantity of dust and debris, and can automatically adjust its program in order to concentrate on that zone until cleaning of the area is complete. This includes having a power boost to enhance pick-up in the affected area. Suction power adjusts to the amount of dust present, automatically shifting to Power Boost cleaning mode when needed.

Virtual Guard

The NaviBot-S has many safety sensors and a virtual guard navigation aid to ensure reliable cleaning, avoiding specific areas in homes that are best manually cleaned, such as places with valuable displays or pets’ bed areas. The Virtual Guard uses beacons placed at doorways to boost the navigation performance, allowing the robot to move between rooms more efficiently and ensuring that the device cleans the zone in a priority chosen by the user.

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Slim & Sleek Design – Narrow Area Cleaning

In 2012, thanks to Samsung’s advanced engineering skills and technology, the NaviBot-S is only a tiny 80 millimeters in height. Its slimmer design allows it to easily get into narrow spaces so it does not compromise cleaning performance even in unseen locations such as under the bed. Additionally, it sports a sophisticated and trendy look, featuring a sleek exterior and a very attractive control surface. Brushes at either side of the device, combined with a Sweeping Blade and Power Brush, enable faster and better cleaning performance over a wider cleaning width. It also minimizes the diameter of the actual robot to allow optimum access to tight spots such as between chair legs.

The SR8980 and SR8950 will be available in Singapore in end-August 2012 at S$1199 and S$999 respectively.

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