Microsoft Unveils Wedge Mouse and Keyboard for Windows 8

While the Microsoft Windows 8 will not be available until 26th October, Microsoft seems eager to show everyone the peripherals that it has prepared for it, especially for its Surface Tablet that also has the same release date.

One particularly interesting gadget is the Wedge Touch Mouse. It has a unique shape and has BlueTrack technology. The cost is estimated to be US$69.95.

I guess this mouse is designed for easy carry with a tablet. And here is the keyboard.

From CNET,

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard comes with a thick rubber cover that not only protects the keyboard, but can be folded in the middle to act as an adjustable stand for a tablet. The keyboard has a rubber-coated wedge at the bottom that holds it in place and also tilts it at a slight angle for better ergonomics. It’s priced at US$79.95.

There are a few more products mentioned.

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