Niteize Products and Gadgets are Cool (Video)

Yesterday, while shopping at Marina Square Home-Fix, I came across this brand Niteize. As I have been searching for biner to hook up my camera, it is a delight to find one at affordable price.

The S-Biner from Niteize is small yet able to carry a 4.5kg weight, thanks to the stainless steel material and the design. It has various sizes from S$4.90 onwards.

Not only that, Niteize carries a large variety of innovative products. One of them that caught my eyes is the Gear Tie. It has a basic concept of using wire and rubber coating to tie things together. Think of it as a wire clothes hanger but softer and way nicer. It also comes in various sizes and I saw Home-Fix selling individual piece from their counter. Here is a video on it.

It has other products that are interesting too, like the Niteize BugLit LED Micro Flashlight. It uses the Gear Tie technology for its legs and it can be attached (or wrapped around) anywhere (almost).

Check out the video.

Not all Niteize products that I see on their website is here at Home-Fix.

Click Here to Niteize Website