Sharp Celebrates 100 Years Anniversary With Contest (Video)

Sharp is celebrating its 100 years Anniversary this year in September. And you have a chance to win some amazing prizes when you participate. The contest mechanism is super simple. If you want to know how to participate and the history about Sharp, read on.

Wow, Sharp has been around for 100 years already? One of my Sharp products which I have it about 8 years ago (and I am still using it) is the Sharp Plasmacluster FU-60SE. It is actually super reliable and mind you, I am still using it everyday.


Do you know that the first mechanical pencil is from Sharp? If you have doubts about Sharp’s history, here is a graphical run down.

Amaze already? Here is a sincere message from Sharp.

For 100 years, we have stood as a trusted symbol to connecting customers and business worldwide.

We believe in dedicating our sincerity and creativity to every individual around the world. From our business and service philosophy to innovate products, we strive to improve and support people’s lives.

We set our sights for the next 100 years to touch the heart of millions with innovative products and genuine services

And here is a video message from Sharp

To celebrate Sharp’s 100th Anniversary, Sharp is having a Anniversary Share campaign. It is to thank all who have supported them for the past 100 years.


The campaign period is from now till 15th September 2012. Winners can receive a trip to the West Coast, USA (two pairs to be won) and the submitters of the top five ranking pictures and videos will receive Sharp products.

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Here is how you can take part in the Sharp 100 years Anniversary Share Campaign in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to Click on the “Post”. Select your file (it can be a video or a picture).
  2. Type in a message to tell more about the picture/video that you have selected.
  3. Read the terms and condition, agree to it and click “Post”.

That is it. Here is a screenshot.

Wait no more. Click  the below link to participate.

Click Here to Sharp 100 Years Anniversary Share Campaign

I hope all of you have fun with it. Do remember to talk/tweet about it or share it on Facebook. For twitters, please use #Sharp100.

BTW, the results of the contest will be announced on the 15th of October 2012, and the images and videos of people’s anniversaries will be made into a work of film & displayed through the website during the campaign period.