Apple Ditching Google Maps, loses Street View

Apple made many announcements today. One that impact Google the most is that on iOS 6, Apple is ditching Google Maps with its own maps, with similar functions.

What can you expect with the new iOS 6 maps? Well, you can almost everything that Google has provided and even more. If you have used Google Maps on Android and on current iOS, you will know that they are different.

Google Maps is richer on Android (obviously) and iOS does not have 3D maps on it. This will change with the introduction of iOS 6 maps. Users will get vector maps with 3D features. Siri will be integrated into it. There will be turn-by-turn navigation incorporated in it (bad news for those companies that make navigational maps). There will be stunning flyover mode of major cities (according to reports).

However, some reports had surfaced mentioning that iPad 2 and iPad 3 (the New iPad) and iPhone 4s will be getting turn-by-turn navigation and the rich flyover mode. The rest will get the maps but NOT the 2 features.

And for those who love Google Street View, you can see goodbye to it with iOS 6. Not sure if Google will come up with Google Maps app for iOS 6 or not. I love Street View. Too bad, it will be missed.

According to another report with leaked screenshot, TomTom might be the provider of the maps information. However, in the screenshot, it mentioned “Data from TomTom, others”. Not sure what does “others” mean.


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