Siri Says Best Phone is Windows Phone

Ok, Apple’s Siri is clever in many ways. It gets help with stats company and etc to come out with brilliant ideas. I think Apple did not foresee that when someone asked “What’s the Best Cell Phone Ever”, it come out with a phone other than iPhone. I tried it using the same question and here is the results.

And the best (or worst) part is that Siri did not even mention Android phone. Instead, it says that Nokia Lumia 900 4G (Cyan) is the best phone around. BTW, here is the original screenshot from WMPoweruser.

If you know how Siri gets its answer, this will not be a surprise. According to WMPoweruser, the results tally with result of the excellent analytical engine Wolfram Alpha.

Click Here to Check Out Wolfram Alpha Results

I know, many will be screaming foul… haha.. have fun with Siri!