Check Out HP Folio 13 at Discovery Channel Mythbusters Roadshow 2012

Update: For those who has helped to tweet about the HP Folio 13 with my username (@joeteh), plus the picture (see below for more information). Thank  you very much and your name will be automatically into the HP Folio 13 Giveaway (If I can get the chance to host the giveaway).

If you love Discovery Channel Mythbusters, you must visit the Roadshow this coming 14th and 15th April 2012 at Marina Square. You will have the chance to become a Mythbuster. Read on. I am given a chance to give away one HP Folio 13. Details after the break.

In collaboration with Discovery Channel, HP is bringing you the ultimate “mythbusting” experience. Step into the shoes of a “mythbuster” and challenge pre-conceived notions about Ultrabooks.

Here’s what you can expect at the roadshow this weekends: 

  • Test the “myths” surrounding the features associated with laptops
  • Discover the unique features of the new HP Folio13 in a whole new way: challenge the product’s outstanding battery life, thin and light design and CoolSense technology


Thanks to HP, I am able to take part in a Giveaway with the help of fellow readers. The criteria for the giveaway at is that I will need enough readers to pose pictures of them with HP Folio 13 during the roadshow at Marina Square.

There will be a couple of bloggers in this Giveaway contest. The highest number of people that mention the blogger’s name and with the picture of the HP Folio 13 will get the chance to giveaway 1 HP Folio 13.

So, if you love to see me giving out the HP Folio 13 on my blog, here is what you do to to help me.

  • Take a photo posing with the HP Folio13 at any of the HP Booths at the event 
  • Tweet the photo with the following format [@JoeTeh] #HPDiscovery
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For example: Longest battery life for an Ultrabook! 9.5hours! [@JoeTeh] #HPDiscovery <Image of Reader at HP Booth>

Contest closing date: 17 April 2012, 2359h

Here are some “tips” about the HP Folio 13: –

  • It has a last lasting battery life Up to 9.25 Hours [@JoeTeh] #HPDiscovery

  • HP CoolSense makes the Folio 13 constantly cool [@JoeTeh] #HPDiscovery

  • Get brighter and cleaner images with  HP TrueVision HD Webcam [@JoeTeh] #HPDiscovery

  • Intel Rapid Start Technology lets you power on or off in an instant [@JoeTeh] #HPDiscovery

  • Full-size Backlit Keyboard lets you work comfortably in the dark [@JoeTeh] #HPDiscovery


Have fun at the roadshow, remember to tweet with my twitter handler and a picture of yourself with HP Folio 13 🙂