MMD Unveils Super Slim Philips Blade 2 IPS Monitor

Received a Press Release from MMD, the technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, on the super slim (12.5mm) Philips C-Line Blade 2 Monitor. It will be available from today. No pricing information though.

Highlights of the Philips C-Line Blade 2 Monitor that I copied:

  • High Performance Display (HPD) – The Philips Blade 2 is one of Philips’ High Performance Display range of monitors which boasts features such as superior color reproduction and picture quality, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles for an enhanced desktop experience.
  • Ultra-Slim and Cutting-edge Design – Inspired by the blades of ice skates, the Philips Blade 2 has a screen depth of just 12.5mm, making it one of the slimmest desktop displays on the market.
  • Superior Compatibility – The Blade 2 features dual HDMI ports and a VGA (Analog) connection, allowing for full compatibility with the latest work and entertainment devices

Press Release