Singapore Getting The new iPad on 16th March 2012, What’s New?

Apple has finally announced the new iPad. Many speculated that it should be iPad 3 or even iPad HD. Apple has a better name. It is called the new iPad and Singapore, for the first time, is in the first batch of countries to get it. It will be available in Singapore from 16th March 2012.

Here is the first batch of countries that will get The new iPad.

The 2nd batch of countries will get it on the 23rd March 2012.

Here is the product video of the new iPad


What are the new features of the new iPad?

The new iPad has the same screen size, thicker and weighs heavier. Here are the 6 new features that makes it stands out.

1. Retina Display

The new iPad has a new retina display. It now has a 2048 x 1536 pixels or 3.1 millions pixels.

Here is how it feels like if you compare the new resolution with HDTV.

and in terms of pixel density, it has 264 ppi (pixels per inch).

2. A5X processor

This new processor is touted to be twice as fast as a Tegra 3 processor and has Quad Core graphics.

And according to Apple, it is 44% more saturated than previous models.

3. iSight Camera

The next feature is the iSight Camera. Basically, a 5-Megapixels camera that has similar construction as the iPhone 4s.

4. 1080p HD Video Recording

Yes, the new iPad can record in HD (1080p) and it comes with video stabilization software.

5. Voice Dictation

Not something new. It can support US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese languages.

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6. 4G LTE

The new iPad has the largest number of bands. In the presentation, it mentions AT&T and Verizon LTE and also supports world wide 3G bands. For Singapore, LTE is in the infancy stage. Hopefully, we can see more updates on Singapore LTE this year.

Here is a graph to show the speed differences.

Here is a summary of the feature.

One of the surprises is the battery life. With 4G network, the battery is still able to last 9 hours. And under standard usage, it can last 10 hours.


I think everyone will be interested in the pricing.  Too bad, there is no 128GB version.

Here is the pricing for the new iPad (WiFi, WiFi+4G version) and also iPad 2 (reduced price):

For WiFi+4G version: 16GB (USD629), 32GB (USD729), 64GB (USD829)

For WiFi Only version: 16GB (USD499), 32GB (USD599), 64GB (USD699)

So, that is it for the new iPad. Surprise? Disappointed? Let me know how you feel. For me, if you own an iPad 2, don’t need to upgrade to the new iPad.

As for the original iPad owner, you should consider the new iPad. I just thought that the 64GB is not enough now. And the new iPad is now heavier (1.4lbs) and thicker (9.4mm as compared to iPad2 at 8.8mm)

Thanks to Engadget for the fabulous coverage and the pictures.