Samsung Galaxy S III Have 4.8-Inch Screen, Ceramic Back and Global Launch?

Believe it or not, Samsung Galaxy S III may have a 4.8-inch screen, ceramic back and a simultaneous global launch date. We may not hear it during MWC 2012 as all the news are indicating that Samsung will not be showing off new Galaxy S phones.

If the real Samsung Galaxy S III is similar to the one shown above, it will definitely be a seller. I think the best bet for phones to be popular in the mobile market today is edge-to-edge screen display, big screen size, thin, good cameras (front and back) and of course to top it up with a quad core processor.

From the source, it seems that the back of this Samsung Galaxy S III will be made of ceramic. I just hope that it wouldn’t crack when dropped from height.

It should be having ICS (no more needs for any front physical buttons) and Quad core processor. So, let’s wait and see if this will become a reality.

And the best part of the rumors is that it will have a simultaneous global launch date in over 50 markets or cities. Do you believe this news?


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