Dropbox for Android Upgraded to Include Auto Sync of Photos

Dropbox for Android was upgraded today. One of the major features after the upgrade was the ability to synchronize photos to Dropbox folder. And with this feature, it also introduces “something” to coax you to use it.

As you may already know, this feature of synchronizing with cloud storage is not new. Google+ (max resolution at 2040px) is doing that and Windows Phone can actually sync to SkyDrive.

So, I guess Dropbox needs to give incentive to anyone who wish to do that. They are giving out 3GB (on top of the 2 GB for every basic dropbox). In total, you can get 5GB of Dropbox space.

However, they will be giving out progressively. For every 500Mb uploaded, you will get 500Mb and finally it will cap at 3GB.

So, if you have not gotten a Dropbox account, click here. If you have Android, do download or update the latest version to enjoy the features.

My only ‘complain’ is that I have over 900 pictures to upload and it is eating up my free space.