Social App Path Has Over 2 Million Users and Increasing

Two months ago, a social app, Path 2, arrived mobile and 2 months later, it had two million users and counting. For the uninitiated, Path is a social sharing app that allows you to share photos, thoughts, sleeping time, music, locations.

It is like a mixtures of the top social app and it is linked to them (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare). I have been using the app for some time now. I am drawn to the fact that there are a lot of interaction on the app. And for the other fact that I can upload a photo and instantly share on Path, Facebook and Twitter.

You can see updates of friends and comments that, to me, are more interesting and objective. Here are some interesting figures about Path from Path CEO Dave Morin (as described by AllThingsD).

On the engagement front, he said 70 percent of people who use Path in a week return the next week.

Path users have created over 50 million items of content and half a billion pieces of feedback. The latter is a somewhat inflated stat, because “feedback” is created every time a user looks at content on Path. But for reference, there are 15 million pieces of feedback created on Path per day now, versus 10 million total in the first year, Morin said.

The most common types of content shared on Path are photos, “thoughts” (status messages) and sleep records (users can manually note when they power down for the night and when they wake up in the morning), in that order.

There’s one song posted on Path per second, and the most popular artist is Drake.

I hope that it can extend the app to Windows Phone. BTW, for those using Path, I think the Android version does not allow streaming of videos, nor does the Android app allows video taking. Hopefully, they can allow that. And please don’t just limit it to 150 friends, ok?

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