If You Think JPEG Compression is Good, Try JPEGmini

With Social Media popping out every where, and sharing of photos seems like the norm nowadays, it is frustrating to see that the picture uploaded are being compressed and “disfigured” during the process. Now, JPEGmini is here to the rescue.

First of all, JPEGmini is NOT a new standard for picture. It is the way it processes or compresses the picture to reduce the original file size with minimal effect on the quality.

On the picture above, I have one original picture at 10 MB uploaded to JPEGmini and once it is done with the process, it was reduced to 2.5MB. That is a 4x reduction in size.

Of course, I am skeptical over its results. I downloaded the compressed file and zoom it to 800%  targeting at a person in the picture. Here is the results.

As you can see above, the JPEGmini is on the left and the original is on the right. It is difficult to see the differences in this blog post. But from my observation, the JPEGmini has slightly softer details. It looks insignificant when you are looking at it at 100%.

Next, I intend to see how much compression it can do if the original is already a compressed file. I uploaded the same picture which I have already compressed using Quality 8 in Photoshop to 1365 x 2048. The file size becomes 626kb.

As I have expected, the results after JPEGmini is not so significant. It becomes 558kb.

However, this test does not mean anything. First of all, this JPEGmini service is to reduce big file size to smaller one. It has already achieved that. If you fit one that is already compressed, the compression rate is naturally reduced.

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Now, I know where to go if I need to compress my picture files 🙂

To use the service, you can go to their website and upload the file. I suggest to sign up to their service and you can have multiple pictures upload. You will be notified once the pictures are ready.

Click Here to JPEGmini Site