Merry Christmas 2011, This is TechieLobang’s Wishlist

I love Christmas! It always brings special memories to me. This year, I am celebrating it in Hong Kong. Yes, I am in Hong Kong right now. But advancement in technology has bridged this gap. Regardless of where I am, I will always update TechieLobang with the latest news (with Internet connection, of course).

I actually come up with some wishlist for TechieLobang to

  • More giveaways for readers
  • More collaboration work with major brands
  • More unique news from TechieLobang
  • More subscribers for TechieLobang newsletter – You can subscribe by entering your name and email on my right. I don’t usually haunt subscribers with newsletter. I only do that to provide information on Giveaways, special news and also, during festivals to greet subscribers from anywhere in the World.
  • More subscribers for the brand new TechieLobang Youtube Channel – I have decided to separated personal Youtube videos with Tech videos. In this way, those who has subscribed will not be bored by my personal videos. This will enable targeted audiences. I am also in the midst to honk up my videography and video editing skills. I am also purchasing new equipments to ensure better quality with on site filming.
  • More responses from readers – I don’t bite. Talk to me. If you don’t agree with my post, speak up. I want to hear from you. In this way, I learn to progress and improve the blog or my writing.

And these are wishes that I am working on hard.

  • More fans on Facebook – Facebook is a unique way to discuss and mingle with fans (friends). I hate to call it fanpage. It is more like a coffee shop for lively conversations. Meet me there!
  • A brand new look by 2012 – I am in the midst of finalizing a new theme. It is hard work to work on new theme. Many fine-tuning and ensuring that readers do not get pissed off with the new look. The new look will have larger pictures, more consistency on different platforms and super customizable.
  • More advertising opportunities – Yes, I do need advertising for TechieLobang. With the new theme, advertiser will be sure to enjoy a cleaner look for their advertisement to be more prominent.
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That is it for now. You know how to reach me, right?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Fanpage, Youtube, Subscriber List

Thanks for all the support!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!