Winners of Nokia ‘Amazing Everyday’ Contest Announced

Finally, after 1 week of consideration, I have decided the 2 winners for the ‘Amazing Everyday’ Contest. It wasn’t easy. The idea of the contest is not only on photography skill. It  is more on how a person thinks about his/her ‘Amazing Everyday’. These two are the winners: –

ID: Nokia01

Name: Chester Chen

Title: Sky fire

Description: This is an old school photo taken recently using slide film and then processed and scanned. It is two amazing moments in one – the actual being there and witnessing mother natures creation and waiting until the moment the film is developed and seeing that you have faithfully captured that Amazing Everyday Moment in time.

Why I choose it: Chester describes two amazing moments in a single picture. Many times, we forgot to appreciate things around us, for example, a sunrise. However, when you witness one, you will realize how beautiful it is. This is one amazing moment. And his next amazing moment is the results of his ‘hard work’. It came when he developed the film and see the picture of the sunrise that he had taken.

ID: Nokia05

Name: Colin Tan


Title: Productivity – A Global Warming Solution?

Description of your entry: I just snapped this photo about 3 hours ago along the busy road of Ho Chi Minh City, while riding pillion on one myself:)

I was really amazed by this rider for he actually had two tractor tires strapped on each side of his small little motorbike, heading  perhaps to a motorbike workshop to deliver these tires:)

It is an amazing moment isn’t it?:) Hope I can be one of the winners:)

Why I choose it: Colin was in a different city and he witnessed what he has seen in the picture, two big wheels strapped to a motorcycle. To the people there, it might be a normal sight. However, to Colin, it was something that he will remember (and of course, not forgetting to snap a picture of it). What may seem as normal in someone’s eyes might be ‘amazing’ in another. Sometimes, we have to learn to appreciate things around us and  you will realize that there are many amazing moments unfolding before you.

Thanks all for the participation!

Hope that you enjoyed it. The winners will be contacted shortly.