Microsoft Claims NFC Supported for Windows Phone, Needs OEM to Activate

Microsoft claims that NFC is supported for Windows Phone and it is up to OEMs to activate the function. This is slightly difference from what I heard from OEM (at least from Nokia).

From my understanding in our interview with Nokia on the 7th December, NFC was not included in Lumia 800 or Lumia 710 because Nokia has “yet to convince Microsoft to enable NFC for their devices”. BTW, I have run through my recording to reconfirm what I have heard from Nokia representatives.

However, based on the source, it mentions that from Will Coleman, developer evangelist and product manager at Microsoft UK, NFC is supported in Windows Phone.

“As far as I’m aware, NFC is supported by [Windows Phone], but needs to be enabled by the OEM. So, if any OEM wants to enable it, that can be done by all means,” says Will Coleman, developer evangelist and product manager at Microsoft UK.

Why do we have such inconsistencies? Can anyone verify which is correct? My thinking is that if Microsoft is to fight a war with other OSes, they should at least be on par with competition. What do you think?

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