Nokia Launch Event for Nokia Lumia 800 and 710

Thanks to Nokia, I was invited to the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 launch last week. It was a regional event with journalists from other neighborhood countries. Prior to this event, Nokia has spent a lot of effort to hype up the awareness of Windows Phone and specifically, Lumia series phones.

The event was held at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, a very popular place for events. There is a big Lumia board that many took the opportunities to take pictures with it.

The actual event starts at 5pm. Here is a shot of Tech bloggers waiting for the event to start.

Finally, the event started with Anthony Wilson as the host thanking the audiences and special guests.

The first speaker is Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President, Markets from Nokia. He gave an overall about the development of the Lumia series phones.

And finally, announced the arrival of Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

The next speaker is Vlasta Berka, GM, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei. He talks about the growth of Nokia phones in Asia.

Next, Nokia invited Tracey Fellows, Regional VP, Microsoft APAC , to talk about the close relationship of Nokia and Microsoft. There was not much tidbits to share as most of the information are already known.

Finally, Andrej Sonkin, Head of Smart Devices, Southeast Asia Pacific, demonstrated the Lumia 800 to the audiences. Again, no surprises as he talked about the design, the Windows Phone UI and etc.

We had a separate interview with him after the event which I will update later. Anyway, after the event, we will lead to the demo area where there are many Lumia 800 for us to play around.

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Some guest enjoying the music with Nokia headset.

We were supposed to go to the launch party after this conference. Nokia arranged bum boats to carry us along the Singapore River to Clark Quay Read Bridge where the party was. Nokia also took care of the small details like inviting unicyclists to usher us to the boats.

More of them.

And many were using the opportunities to take pictures besides the phone or even a picture of the phone.

We had better ones. In our Interview sessions, there were quite a few big replicas of Lumia 800.

That is it for the launch event. The party pics and video will be in another post.