Bill Gates Talks About Natural User Interface and Kinect

The future will be NUI (Natural User Interface), according to Bill Gates. He mentioned it in a note on his website and also on a talk at University of Washington and refers Kinect as a technical achievement.

Bill Gates relates Kinect as part of the NUI and is more than just playing games with it. He mentioned on his note.

Kinect is much more than just a cool video game technology—it is the most advanced example of a wave of new advances that are enabling people to interact with technology in entirely new ways.

One of the most important current trends in digital technology is the emergence of natural user interface, or NUI. We’ve had things like touch screen and voice recognition for a while now. But with Kinect, we are seeing the impact when people can interact with technology in the same ways that they interact with each other.

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Or if you need visual, Bill Gates has done a talk at University of Washington.

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I have Kinect at home and I have seen the hacks. They are awesome. Hopefully, Microsoft can improve the technology that can track more movements. Right now, it is not able to track fingers movement.

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