Check Out the New Yahoo! Mail Visualisation Project

Yahoo! Mail Visualisation Project is an interactive infographic that allows users to view the infrastructure behind the sending and receiving of emails and those that get spammed out. The “brain” behind it is Hadoop, which filters spam and re-route email for the 300 million mail users we have across the globe.

On the left hand side, there is a tab called “Trending Keywords”. Click on it will lead you to a stream of keywords “Good” and “Spam”. Clicking on the chart will also let you find out some interesting facts and stats about Yahoo!’s email crunching technology.

Interesting figures (from Yahoo!)

  • There are 76, 584, 989 Yahoo! Mail users in Asia representing 23% of all network activity
  • The Yahoo! Mail Network is blocking 24,300 spam mails per second in Asia
  • For each good email that Yahoo! Mail Network delivers, four spam mails are blocked
  • There are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 variations of the word Viagra

To give some perspective on how powerful our computing technology is, think about these fun facts (data from Yahoo!):

  • For every loving message from mom, Yahoo! Mail blocks 4 spam messages from the people she warned you about.
  • In the time it takes you to read this, our Hadoop software (the brain behind Yahoo! Mail) has learned from more than 4 million user actions.
  • In the time it takes sunlight to reach earth, Hadoop processes 332 million user actions, helping reduce spam in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Hadoop processes 1 terabyte of data (equivalent to 4,000 years of continuous typing) in the time it takes the fastest human to run a mile.
  • We add over 70 million Yahoo! Mail accounts per year – that’s the combined population of London, NYC, Paris and Tokyo.
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Have fun!