First Look at HTC Rhyme with Accessories (Video)

I had a chance to take a close look at HTC Rhyme recently during HTC Regional event last week. As you may know, HTC Rhyme also comes with a few interesting accessories like the HTC Rhyme Charm, Docking Station and Tangle free headphone.

Here a few shots of the HTC Rhyme.


Close up of camera

Notice the 3 copper contact points? They are for the Docking Station.





Docking Station

The Docking Station is provided as a package with the HTC Rhyme (according to HTC). Once you place the phone into the dock, it immediately switch to landscape mode that is optimize for viewing with the dock. The dock has no external speakers or etc.

As I mentioned earlier, the 3 contact points at the back is for the dock. Here is how they are connected.

Tangle Free Headphones

The Tangle Free Headphone is also part of the accessories for HTC Rhyme. It has a nice build. In the picture below, it may look messy. Nevertheless, it is really tangle free.

HTC Rhyme Charm

This is an interesting accessory from HTC. It is like a blinking reminder for your phone. And in my opinion, targeted for the ladies or for people using handbags.

Here is how you can use it.

HTC has done a good job on this Charm. It is connected to the headphone jack. I guess HTC understand that people wants convenience and speed. So, most of the time, people might pull the charm to get the phone out of the bag.

They have added a clip to it so that even if you pull, the plug will not drop off easily.

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Here is the close up of the cable.

Charm in action

I have done a video of the HTC Rhyme. Do take a look.

And for those who like to know the specs, this is HTC Rhyme specs.