Flickr Updated App with More Features on Windows Phone 7.5

Flickr (from Yahoo!) has updated its app on Windows Phone 7.5. The update is supposed to make full use of the features on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango).

For those on Mango, you should get a notification for this update. As I am not on Mango yet (yes, I failed on my forced update), I can only copy and paste the feature as described by PocketNow.

With the software refresh you’ll be able to share pictures taken with your Camera to Flickr straight from the Camera application. Additionally, the app now features its own, built-in camera which you can pin to your Start screen, alongside your contacts’ activities, and your photostream. You can search for Flickr on the Marketplace or follow the source link below to install. Those who already have the app should get an update notification on their Marketplace Tile.


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