Is This the Back of iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s?

Ok, it is Sunday and I think it is time for a little iPhone 5 news. Seriously, I am getting bored waiting for the announcement to happen. And it seems like everyone is waiting for someone to take action. No WP7.5 Mango update, no news of iPhone 5, no news of Nokia N9 launch. Come on, we need to know. BTW, back to my original topic, this might be the casing for iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s from Case Mate.

If the content inside the casing is iPhone 5, then we are looking at a curvy back instead of a flat one (like the iPhone 4). There are also rumors saying that this might be the enhanced version of iPhone 4, which is dubbed as iPhone 4s for now.

We heard rumors of iPhone 5 announcement being pushed from September to October. Hopefully, we get some concrete information fast.

Here is another set of casing from Case-Mate.