What Can You Do with Sony S Tablet in Singapore?

Got this in my mailbox. It is a series of pictures of people in our everyday life using the Sony S1 Tablet. There are more to come in the coming weeks, according to them. This series is on the design. I have dissect the picture to fit my blog and will post a link to the original.

Here is some technical stuff on Sony Tablet S. It is running on the Android 3.2 OS and it is the world’s first and only Android Honeycomb tablet with a built-in A/V remote control.

On design wise, if you notice, the Sony Tablet S1 is slightly thicker on one side. Sony calls it ergonomic asymmetric design. I think if you are holding it vertically for a period of time, this design will really help us as it is easier to grip.

And when you place the Sony Tablet S1 horizontally on a flat surface, the screen will tilt, thanks to the wedge design. It will make typing or watching something from it more comfortable. I wonder if it will be the same in vertical position.

Anyway, here are the rest of the series. Very typical scenes in Singapore.

Eh, there are a few empty seats, why is she not sitting down? Here is the link to the full unedited version.

Click Here to see the full version

You will be seeing more on Sony Tablet S soon. Just wondering will they show the dual screen S2 or not.

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