Collected My Golden Village Movie Tickets from Buyza

Just a quick update. Remember Buyza that I talked about a few days ago. Well, I got the Golden Village tickets at S$0.10. So, today, I took some time to visit their office to collect the ticket.

I guess many people are not sure if this is the real deal (me included). So, I think I should blog about it after getting the tickets.

I think the only inconveniences is that you need to go to the place to collect. But I am not complaining because I am paying S$0.10 for Golden Village movie ticket and the S$0.10 goes to charity (this is the way they hope to promote the website). BTW, it is in Geylang industrial estate (next to MRT station).

When I reach there, I got another surprise. They are providing me another ticket free in exchange that I talk about it on Facebook. Why not? And they took a picture of me for future promotional event or testimonial. BTW, you can say NO.

Here is the Buyza office door.

Overall, not a bad experience but I think you should expect more things to come (after talking to them). For now, there is a S$10 Takashimaya Voucher at S$0.10. Who wants it? First, you need to register first at their site.

Quick, the deal will start tomorrow at 10am sharp!

PS: I already feedback that the website did not indicate the Takashimaya voucher deal. They will take into consideration and improve on it.