Changi Airport Fabulous Friday Deals and Infographic of Who Buys What

Changi Airport is having a Fabulous Friday Deals in August for traditional delicacies. So, if you love Eu Yan Sang,  Begawan Solo or Bee Cheng Hiang, check out the information after the break. They have also included a nice infographics of the sales analysis from its four terminals.

FYI, travellers’ most preferred gift in 2010 in Changi Airport is chocolate. More than 4.5 million boxes were sold. Most purchases were made by Americans, followed by Indians, Japanese and Indonesians.

As for Traditional Asian gifts, the popular ones are: Tiger Balm, Nonya dumplings and Kueh Lapis cakes.

In August, Changi Airport is having Fabulous Friday Deals. I am a bit lazy, here is the cut and paste of the deals.

August Fabulous Friday Deals – Traditional Delicacies

Great news for travellers who purchase traditional items as gifts – in August, Fabulous Fridays sees several local delicacies available for just $3! This includes an astonishing 93% discount on Eu Yan Sang Bottled Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar (available on Friday 12 August).

The weekly deals were kicked-off on Friday 5 August, with a 91% reduction on Begawan Solo Cookie sets. Other offers include 90% off both 600g Bee Cheng Hiang Mini EZ Packs and Begawan Solo Mooncakes.

To enjoy these exclusive deals, shoppers just need to make a minimum purchase of S$30 using their Visa cards or S$60 by other means. Travellers can purchase the products at the central Perfumes & Cosmetics store in the Departure/Transit Lounge at each terminal. Non-travellers can grab the great buys at an event booth set up in the public area of Terminal 3 Basement 2.

BTW, as I mentioned, they have provided me with an infographic of who buys what. Here is the small version. Click on it to see the original size

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Click Here to See Changi Airport Infographic in Original Size