Pool Party App First Look, Comes with Invites

Finally, saw this mail today. My Pool Party invite request has been processed. Now, lets take a look at what Pool Party is all about.

For a start, it looks empty. There is no live feed or streaming because I am not in any Pool yet. So, this thing will NOT be fun if there isn’t anybody or contribution in that pool.

I cut short all the instruction on how to create a Pool. It is super simple. There is not much on the settings too.

So, lets take a look at the features. You have the usual “create new pool”, invite friends thingy. Once you created a pool, you can add a caption onto it. So, you choose a picture or take one instantly. Once ready, hit the “post”.

You can actually edit your post.

You can also edit the pool settings. I made a Singapore “pool” and here is the settings you can play around.

One interesting feature on the Pool Party is the Push notifications. It is clever enough to activate itself if there are a lot of activities in the pool.

It is a bit sad. I am the only member in this Singapore Pool (eh.. do not be mistaken with Singapore Pools). I have 15 invites and I will be very biased. I will invite friends that can do the magic of inviting others. So, you can ask for invites, I will choose it. We need to spread this thing to have fun with it.

So, that is a simple intro of Pool Party app. BTW, you can access Pool Party on the web too!

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