First Encounter with HP TouchPad and WebOS, Price and Availability Within

Thanks to HP, I was invited to the launch of HP TouchPad in Singapore. It will be available in Singapore from 12th August 2011. However, you can pre-order as of today. And watch out for some National Day special. I am in the midst of processing the videos. In the meanwhile, enjoy this pictures. BTW, scroll to the bottom for pricing of tablet and accessories and see how you can get a hand on it 🙂 .

It was my first time to touch a WebOS device. However, after 5 to 10 minutes, I am getting used to the OS.

First Look

The HP TouchPad is curve all around. When you place it in your hand, there is totally no feeling of sharp edges. Everything is smooth or curve. However, I feel that it is slightly heavy.

The TouchPad is a fingerprint magnet. It is very glossy. Be prepared to constantly clean off those fingerprints. Here are some closeup shots of the HP TouchPad.

It has a single button on the front. Pressing it will go to the main page. And it has a Micro-USB port for data transfer and charging.

The TouchPad has two grille speakers. Here is one of them.

And sadly (at least for me), it has only a front facing camera (that little dot is not dirt, it is the camera).

On top of this camera is a mic.

One of the highlight of this HP TouchPad is the superb sound quality by Beats Audio (on a headset).


Surprisingly, I was thinking I will need some time to adjust myself to WebOS. However, after a few minutes, I am getting a hang on it. I love the multi-tasking and also the stacking feature. In the multi-tasking screen, you can actually stack up the apps that you opened.

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Next, HP has added some human touch on the OS. They actually has 4 different sizes of keyboard to suit everyone. They have XS, S, M, L keyboard sizes.

For those who wants to know how to get apps, there is a HP app store in it. You can search for apps over there. As of now, I am unable to get the actual number of apps in the store.

One of the strong point about HP is also incorporated into this WebOS. That is printing. In the WebOS, you can easily find the print icon to print wirelessly via HP printers.

I did a super short video on the physical look of the HP TouchPad. I am processing the rest.

Price and availability

I guess this is a very important factor. What is the price of HP TouchPad? All prices are RRP (Recommended Retail Price)


  • HP TouchPad 16GB: S$699
  • HP TouchPad 32GB: S$799


  • HP Touchstone Charging Dock: S$109.90
  • HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard: S$79.90
  • HP TouchPad Case: S$49.90
  • HP TouchPad International Power Adapter: S$39.90
  • Beats Solo Headphones: S$420.00


Available from authorized retailers, and direct from HP from 12th August 2011.

There will be a  special promotion in conjunction with National Day. For the month of August, the HP TouchPad with 16GB of storage will come with HP TouchPad Case. The HP TouchPad with 32GB of storage will come with HP TouchPad Case and the HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard.

Pre-Orders will be available via the online store and participating retailers from 27th July to 11th August.

Visit or call the hotline at 1800-278-0182 from 27th July onwards.

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Authorized retailers

  • Best Denki
  • Courts
  • Harvey Norman
  • K8 (at Funan DigitaLife Mall)
  • Solutions @ HP (at Funan DigitaLife Mall)