Amy Winehouse keyword search increases by 128,425% on Yahoo! Singapore, Not Impressed

No offence to the late Amy Winehouse. My condolences to the family. It is just the feeling of why do I have the feeling that when someone passed away, the interest of that person increased and many suddenly becomes “fan” or “friend” of that person? Anyway, enough of ranting, here is Yahoo! Search results.


SINGAPORE, 25 July 2011 – The news of Amy Winehouse passing away on Saturday, 23 July in London, sent netizens across the world rushing to the Internet to find news about the soul singer’s death. Yahoo! search queries for the keyword ‘Amy Winehouse’ increased by 128,425% within just 24 hours following the news report.

Among some of the other variations for keyword searches which users employed on Yahoo! Singapore include ‘amy winehouse dead’, ‘amy winehouse death’, ‘amy winehouse died’ and ‘amy winehouse die’, registering over 4000% increase.

As enquiries continue into the circumstances of her death, the 27-year old singer and five-time Grammy winner who made headlines for her drugs and alcohol abuse, also witnessed increased interest in her songs with ‘amy winehouse lyrics’, amy winehouse songs’ and ‘amy winehouse album’ spiking close to 1200% in search queries.

The singer who had summed up her life in a song, “Rehab” saw search queries of keywords including ‘amy winehouse rehab’, ‘amy winehouse rehab lyrics’ and ‘amy winehouse back to black’ increase by over 400%, while other related searches including ‘amy winehouse tattoos’, ‘amy winehouse husband’, ‘amy winehouse dad’ and ‘rip amy winehouse’ also registered a substantial increase on Yahoo! Singapore.

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