Evernote is Now Available for Windows Phone 7

Finally, Evernote is available on Windows Phone 7. I have been waiting for it for some time. Although I am not a heavy user for it, I think that Evernote is a good concept.

If you have tried Evernote on other platform, there is no need for initial introduction. They are similar. One important thing to take note. If this is the first time that you are using the app, it is recommended (for me, it is a must) to connect using WiFi.

I tried without success if using 3G network. Finally, after some advices on Twitter friends, I managed to sync it properly. I also realized that this action (syncing using WiFi) was also recommended on their Blog Post.

Here is what you will get on the Home Page.

The Evernote Pivot Panels are:

  • Notes: A complete scrollable note list
  • Notebooks: Tap on a notebook to view its contents
  • Tags: Tap on a tag to see all the notes associated with it
  • Recent notes: This list lets you jump to the 20 most recently viewed notes

There are many more functions and options that I have not explore. So, I leave it to you to try it out.Search for Evernote on Marketplace.

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