Easy Way to Download Flickr Album with Flick and Share Webapp

Do you have a Flickr account? Do you find it a problem to share a set of your pictures with other people? Do you want a single download link to download a album instead of individual picture? If you answer is Yes, then Flick and Share is for you.

Flick and Share is a very simple webapp tool. To use it, you will need to authorize it to access your Flickr account. It will NOT store your password.

Once authorization done, you can see your sets of pictures on Flick and Share website. Select the one that you wanted to share and you will be given a share link.

Share this link with anyone so that they can download the set. That is it! The other parties don’t need to have Flickr account to download the content. Easy? Give it a try.

Click Here to Flick and Share website


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