Tag Heuer Introduces Android Smartphone, LINK (Video)

Tag Heuer is venturing into the smartphone business. In July, they will be introducing Tag Heuer LINK, a smartphone that will be running on Android.

From the video, at least we know that it has a 5-MegaPixels camera. Here is the description on this video: –

Exclusively launched in TAG Heuer retailers in July 2011, the TAG Heuer LINK is the essential work hard/play instrument, ideal for business and entertainment. Like the watchmaking heritage that inspires it, it delivers avant-garde luxury with uncompromising strength, precision and reliability. A communications instrument of uncompromised calibre and capabilities, it shares the pinnacle of high-performance engineering and innovation with its partner, the MERIDIIST. Like it, the TAG Heuer LINK seriously upgrades the way the world connects.
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and here is the information from i4U.

Tag Heuer says about the Link:

The first luxury smartphone with a tactile screen, it is also the first equipped with upgradeable Google Android software. Android’s ability to switch quickly between applications brings incomparable multitasking power, making the TAG Heuer LINK one of the fastest phones on the market: menus open at lightning speed, tabs are super responsive, web pages load with virtually no lag time, and access to news and weather widgets and Skype messaging is instantaneous. A superlative design object and a powerful resource, a pleasure to hold and delight to use, the TAG Heuer LINK is essential equipment for adventurers, sportsmen and business executives. With it, a world of exclusivity and prestige is, literally, at your fingertips.

So, if you want your phone to be different from the rest, and you have a couple of thousands to spare, this might be the phone for you.

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Here is the link to the website. Nothing yet. If you are interested, you can put down your name and information.

Click Here to Tag Heue LINK website

Here is the teaser video.