j5create makes Wormhole to transfer files, share Keyboard and Mouse

j5create Wormhole KM Switch is a nifty, awesome device. It is just a cable with two USB port. Connect them to the USB ports of two computers, you create a wormhole.

Now, you can literally drag a file from one computer to another. And you can cross over the mouse to the other side to continue to use. The keyboard can also be used on both computers.

Hard to imagine? Here is a video from Engadget. It showcased other product from j5create too. One of them is the Wormhole Station. It has the same function as the Wormhole KM switch but a lot more others.

If you need more explanation, you can head down to j5create website

Click Here to j5create

One thing to note. You will need USB3.0 for full potential of the switch.


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