Wrapsol for the Apple iPad 2 Available in Singapore, Price Within

Just got an email regarding Wrapsol for iPad 2. It is a protective wrap (front and back) for iPad 2 and according to the information, it is made from advanced, high strength, transparent and astonishingly thin polyurethane – a material found in bulletproof glass and commonly used on Formula 1 car bodies and aircraft ‘nose’ radomes.

It is retailing at SGD49.90, comes with a lifetime warranty, 1-time free installation and free 24-hour local courier delivery.

More details on their website:


This is what you will get: –

Wrapsol comes in recycled, reusable and 100% recyclable packaging, with everything you need for an easy application:

  • Precision custom-cut film for iPad2 (front + back)
  • Soft, reusable, lint-free microfiber towelette
  • Mister with application solution
  • Non-marking, flexible squeegee
  • The easiest-to-follow instructions in the industry

For that price and those features, I think it is worth it. I have not use it before. If you have use it, do let us know your experience with it.


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