LG LIVE at Marina Bay Sands Grand Opening – Video Within

Thanks to LG, I was invited to their iconic store, LG LIVE, grand opening at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). According to LG, this is the first store, globally.

The store is located at B2-47/48 at Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. It is actually near to Rasapura Masters foodcourt. As it is the grand opening, you can see that there are many well wishes from companies.

Actually, LG LIVE is not a store because it does not sell anything at all. It showcases the latest innovation and products from LG and some of them are not even in Singapore yet.

The compere for this event.

And their Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mr. Arthur Huang, gave a short speech on the opening.

Next, we were given a tour of the store. Our first stop is the projection room where you can watch 3D movie with LG 3D projector. BTW, unlike other conventional 3D, LG uses a new technology (CINEMA 3D) where you can watch 3D with very light eyewear (no batteries needed).

Here is Justin with the white eyewear. Super light. Nice, right?

And here are some information on it.

Next stop, we were shown a cool remote that works like an air mouse. Just swing the remote in front of you and you can navigateĀ  a cursor to select the items on the LG Smart TV.

And the next demo is on something that is not launched in Singapore. It is the LG Pen Touch TV

With it, you can draw onto your TV and save the picture. You can also use it to as a stylus to select the menu.

Some information on the LG Pen Touch TV

In layman term, you need to have the LG Pen Touch TV and it links with your computer via HDMI cable.

You will need a dongle on your computer to communicate with Pen.

You will have to set up the TV in order for the pen to recognize it properly. Here is the pen. It can be recharged from any USB via Mini-USB port on it.

We were introduced to a variety of Smart TVs and consumers’ products like air conditioner, washing machines and etc. These two products (shown below) are still not in Singapore yet.

The front loading washing machine (the transparent covers are for illustration purpose only).

And the Platinum aircon and others.

Actually, one of the most interesting products but was NOT introduced to us is the LG Optimus Pad. It was “hidden” together with other phones.

This 8.9-inch tablet created a lot of interest because it captures video in 3D.

Close look on the 3D camera.

However, the screen cannot show 3D video or images and is quite reflective (as you can see in the picture below).

Someone wanted to see Angry Birds on this tablet.

Here is the layout of the applications on Honeycomb.

Some different views of the LG Optimus Pad.

HDMI and MicroUSB Port

Speakers with grille.

Power on button and 3.5mm jack.

Rocker switch for volume.

According to information, the LG Optimus Pad should be available in Singapore in Q2 or Q3.

And to end, here is something that you should try at LG LIVE.

On the left is a panel where you can choose a background, take a picture of yourself and send it back via email. On the right is the interactive directory where you can browse around to see what’s in LG LIVE. BTW, the products in LG LIVE are changed quarterly. So, be sure to check it every few months šŸ™‚ . That’s it, thanks for reading.

Here is a short video of LG LIVE.

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