Zynga GagaVille with Lady Gaga Has Arrived

This is going to be a huge for Lady Gaga’s fans and if they are also a fan of Facebook Farmville, this news might just be the best combination. Zynga GagVille has arrived.

This is actually part of Farmville. Once you play GagaVille, you can travel to Home Farm or Gagaville (which is called English Farm) on my account. Here is a view of you traveling to your farm 🙂 .

Here is a look of my GagaVille farm.

And there are many outfits (Gaga-style) for you to buy.

And on GagaVille, you can be the first to listen to Lady Gaga’s latest song from her latest album “Born This Way”. However, you will need to earn it.

And NO, don’t get me started on FarmVille or GagaVille again. These few pics are for illustration only.

You can play GagaVille by searching for it on Facebook and starting the application (same as the way you play FarmVille). Have fun!

Click Here to GagaVille on Facebook

Or you can go to Zynga website to connect. However, I have a serious problem. When I connect it logged me into someone’s account (Rose Divina Esima).  Here is a screen shot.

Click Here to Zynga GagaVille Site




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