Violence over iPad 2 or White iPhone 4 at Apple Store in Beijing, China

Things are not clear at the moment. Seems like there are people saying that the fight broke out because of resellers trying to get the white iPhone 4 and some says that it is for iPad 2. And to top the story, there is a mention of a “foreigner” with metal rod hitting the Chinese people. Gross images after the break.

Some excerpts from 9to5mac,

According to my friend who was at the Sanlitun Apple Store when the incident took place, there were dozens of resellers outside the store trying to get the white iPhone 4, they were told to wait in line and was not allowed to go inside. Resellers got pissed and smashed the glass door, which costs about 300,000RMB or 46,000USD, according to an apple employee at the store. Then a foreign(non-Chinese) employee came out from the store with a metal club and hit 4 people, including 2 young men and 2 middle age women. All 4 people are hospitalized right now and no money was paid by apple for medical purposes.

This is version 1. There are other versions. Here are some pics.

I think in Singapore, we just complain online (which is good). There are more over at 9to5mac.

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