Cateye INOU has GPS, Camera, Video, Social All-in-One – Video Within

Today, after my OCBC Cycle, I went to have a look at the shops around. As usual, I would stop by any gadgets, and this Cateye INOU actually caught my eyes. Seems like it is not launched in Singapore yet.

As mentioned, it is not available yet. The price quoted to me is in USD (sorry, I forgot the pricing but it is in the range of USD250 to USD300).

What is interesting is that Cateye is venturing into GPS and social networks. For this Cateye INOU, it has built in GPS, camera, video recording function and it has a website to show the route that was taken and to play the video taken at that area (if you activate the video).

Here is a video to show you how it works. You can skip the front part on how to put in the batteries.

However, it is quite disappointing to know that the video resolution is just 640 x 480 VGA at 30fps. The website is quite limited (at this moment) too.

Click Here to Cateye INOU Website


Click Here to INOU Atlas Website

You can check out videos and route taken by users from the above website. Here is a video on the Social part of this gadget.

Here is a picture of the lens (cannot really see from this pic).

And here is the package.

I found another video that basically sums up everything about this Cateye INOU.


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