Download Home to Donate for Charity – Video Within

For most Singaporeans, one of the most memorable song might be “Home”, sung by Kit Chan and written by Dick Lee. This year, “Home – Keeping It Together” is the theme for Total Defence 2011.

This iconic song has been remixed and filmed with 39 local artiste. It is free to download. By downloading the song, you can do a part for Charity too. Every download will be matched by a pledged donation to ComChest by a private corporation. Here is the song. BTW, I am showing you an extended version of the “Home” song. When you download, you will be getting this extended version.

The video showcases a new arrangement of “Home” and features iconic local singers from various generations including Ramli Sarip, Jacintha Abishenagaden, Kit Chan, Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin and more!

Click Here to Download Home Music Video

These are the artistes that contribute to the new “Home”.

There is a home video contest where you can win attractive prizes too! Browse the website for more details. And if you visit the ConnexionSG Facebook page, you can take part in the Giveaway and win yourself a “Because This is Home” DVD and book.

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