Play Nokia N8 Tron Legacy AR Webcam Game – Video Within

AR Door has developed a webcam game Nokia N8. Tron: Legacy for the Russia market. It uses your webcam to “transform” you into the character in the movie Tron: Legacy.

The downside of the game is that it is in Russian and you will need to install a plug-in. You can use your Facebook account to allow the access of the application. The application is based on the patented Augmented Reality technology D’Fusion.

The game based on augmented reality technology is a part of a marketing campaign devoted to promote the new Nokia N8 and Walt Disney Pictures movie Tron: Legacy on the Russian market.

Once you installed the plug-in, you will need to wait for a while (for the first time) to allow it to start. You will see yourself on the Nokia N8 with the helmet.

Press “CTAPT” to start the game. Use your body to swerve the motorcycle left or right. Beware of the obstacles created for you.Here is a screen shot of me playing the game.

And here is a video on the game

To get the highest score, try to play as long as possible. Results and the ranking are published at the bottom of the web page.

Click Here to Play the Nokia N8. Tron: Legacy Game